Ductless Air Conditioners Installation

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Though ductless air conditioner installation doesn't require ductwork retrofitting, they have two main components that are similar to central air conditioning systems; the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor or condenser. Refrigerant is pumped from the outdoor condenser through a coil incased in special tubing and into the indoor air handler unit that is typically mounted above the room on the interior wall. The indoor unit houses the cooling coil, a fan (or fans), and evaporator blower control components. Systems can sometimes have multiple air handlers connected to one condenser.

A remote control thermostat controls and regulates the amount of cool air that enters into the residence. If multiple zones, or split-system handlers are being used in each room, the cool air of each handler can be controlled based on the separate temperature needs within each room. Though installation is a lot cheaper and simpler than installing a central duct air conditioning system, ductless air conditioning units require more advance installation than a portable AC window unit.

Hyde-Whipp will typically begin by running the electricity, coolant and drainage lines. Special qualifications and knowledge become essential when it comes to charging the lines by setting the proper gauges.

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