Propane & Gas Fireplace Installation

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Propane fireplace installation and gas fireplace installation is a very careful and painstaking procedure. There are a wide variety of propane and gas fireplaces that we carry in our show room.

In order for fireplace installation to be safe, either natural gas or propane, you must adhere to local building codes of proper installation. This, and the fact that propane and natural gas is highly dangerous to work with, is exactly the reason why it is a job best left to the professionals at Hyde-Whipp.

For direct vent pipe installation, we will install an approved direct vent pipe with a non-combustible insulation enshrouding them. Before installing the propane insert, the chimney will be inspected to ensure that the chimney flue is in good condition.

Many times, in gas fireplace installation, the chimney flew must be replaced, as they are often too large, and reduce the efficiency of the gas or propane fireplace. A chimney flew that is too large can severely reduce the efficiency of an otherwise good fireplace. Also, if a vent pipe needs to be installed, then to ensure the safety of our customers by also installing a fire stop for the vent pipe. Fire stops are primarily used for the prevention of fires. They can also be used, however, to protect wood and other materials that are prone to ignite, from heated pipes, such as the vent pipe.

Fireplace installation is one of the most important aspects of introducing one of our propane or gas fireplaces into your cozy home, and it is definitely not one of those areas to cut corners on.

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