Fireplace Repair & Maintenance

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Gas fireplace maintenance is especially important to maintain low-energy costs. As with any appliance that is run off of gas or propane, you should have your fireplace inspected annually by our licensed gas technicians.

Gas fireplace maintenance consists of several key elements, and when your Hyde-Whipp maintenance professional arrives, we'll be ready to perform these various tasks:

  • The gas pilot system will need to be adjusted and cleaned.
  • The venting system will be checked.
  • Several inspections will be made, including: the combustion chamber, chimney draw, and primary air shutter to ensure proper air feed to flame.
  • The glass, firebox, and heat exchanger will be cleaned and inspected.
  • If needed, the firebox will be repainted.
  • All of the electrical connections will be tightened, to ensure that there are no carbon dioxide leaks.
  • Proper log position will be ensured as well as the replacement of ember bed material.
  • And finally, if your fireplace has a blower, it will be tested and cleaned as well.

Most fireplace repair, especially gas fireplace repair can be prevented with routine maintenance, however, sometimes it is still necessary. In those cases, once again, it is best if you use a licensed and certified Hyde-Whipp professional to handle your fireplace repair.

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