The Propane & Gas Furnace Installation Process

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Gas furnace installation might seem straightforward, but the intricate attention that must be paid to detail means it's strictly the work of a well-trained professional. Before the unit can even be installed, our service technicians will have to install duct work to ensure that the heat can get to each room of the home; if duct work is already installed, we'll check it for integrity, leaks or other faults that may reduce the efficiency of your unit.

After this, the unit can be installed. It will be connected to a power source (perhaps the easiest part of the entire process) and then it will be connected to the home's natural gas or propane gas line. This line is typically installed by a propane tank installer, or by your local natural gas utility company during the construction of your home. The connection to the furnace must be done by a professional to ensure that there are no leaks between the line itself and the furnace. Any leak will result in gas being allowed into the home; that can result in fires and explosions; an all-too-common occurrence in homes where a poor installation has been performed.

Because of the intricate nature of furnace installation, it's important to let one of our professional installers ensure the system is operating soundly and efficiently.

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