Heat Pump Installation

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One of the most important installation considerations is which heat pump to install for proper efficiency. Made more difficult by the number of different types, the decision should be made with the help of a qualified Hyde-Whipp professional.

For the professional, heat pump installation is relatively simple. However, being a complex device, professional installation is highly recommended. There are considerations for ductwork, water hookups, electrical work and other modifications.

Geothermal heat pump installation, in particular, are not projects to jump into lightly. A qualified contractor will need to handle many of the adaptations, and many communities will not allow geothermal heat pump installation by non-certified installers.

Thermal fusion of pipes, trenching and drilling is involved in installation of these systems, in addition to the typical electrical and other adaptations. Best performance of a GSHP installation is in the hands of a licensed professional experienced with these installations such as Hyde-Whipp.

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