Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

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Like any mechanical system, routine heat pump maintenance prevents bigger heat pump repair problems, so setting up a maintenance schedule is critical. For systems that both heat and cool, a spring and a fall checkup are prudent. For heating systems, fall maintenance is required; cooling systems need spring checkups.

A qualified Hyde-Whipp service technician will thoroughly inspect the unit; checking refrigerant levels and adjusting if necessary, cleaning the entire system, and inspecting all of the parts for any damage or wear. These components can include control boxes, wiring, connection, relays, circuit boards, capacitors, compressors and tubing. They will also turn the system on and ensure that there are no abnormal sounds or odors, and that the systems are operating within normal ranges prescribed by the manufacturers.

Hyde-Whipp will perform maintenance and give the homeowner a detailed report of recommended heat pump repair or replacement parts needed, and explain portions that are overly technical for the average person to understand.

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