Hot Water Tank Installation

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Before the hot water tank installation, we will check the home's inlet pipes and valves to ensure that all needed parts are up to code. During the hot water tank installation, we will drain the old tank and carry it out of the home. In addition to turning off the water supply to the tank, we will turn off the utility lines, either gas or electric. This interruption means that homeowners may be without water for a short time during the hot water tank installation process.

After all water and utility lines to the old tank are turned off and disconnected, we will put the new hot water tank into place, making sure that the tank is level. After installing the new fittings for the new tank, we will connect the cold and hot water lines as well as the gas or electrical lines. Gas models will also have an exhaust flue that will be attached to vent combustion by-products. When the connections are completed, we will close the drain valve and turn on the water supply. The utility supply will also be turned on, and the tank will begin to fill.

Homeowners will need to set their hot water heater to the appropriate temperature with the help of a Hyde-Whipp technician. Generally, the safest range is from 120 to 130 degrees. If the household has small children, then setting the tank at 120 degrees will help to prevent scalding injuries. A mixing valve should also be added to ensure no scalding can occur.

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