Ventilation System Installation - Heat Recovery Ventilation

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An HRV can operate as a stand-alone device operating independently or be built-in. An HRV can also be added to an existing HVAC system. HRV systems can be designed to serve homes, a small building, a single room or a larger building. A larger building may require one of two options, either one large central unit or several small units. The building must have some form of air supply provided either through ducts or an exterior wall.

An energy supply is also required for air circulation. If used with a central HVAC system, the HRV setup would be considered a forced-air system. Different types of heat exchangers can be used in HRV devices. Some of these include a heat pipe, multiple heat wires, cross flow heat exchanger, a thermal wheel or rotary heat exchanger or ground-coupled heat exchanger. The HRV installation process varies based on the type of structure in place when an HRV is setup.

The easiest installation procedure is with an existing ducting system. Keep in mind that bath exhaust ducts will no longer be necessary with an HRV since the HRV system performs the same function as a bath exhaust duct.

Location is an important part of the installation process. HRV systems need to be accessible for routine maintenance and service. The most common place to install an HRV is in the basement or attic. The basement should be the first choice, if possible.

In order to avoid conflict with the HRV, a kitchen should have a range hood fan of 200 cfm or less to avoid conflict with HRV systems. Another concern is the dryer. Clothes dryer fans do not operate long enough to cause any serious issues. Ventilation ducts for an HRV are either four inch ducts or six inch ducts.

The safest approach to HRV installation is let a Hyde-Whipp professional tackle the job to ensure that all safety and installation standards have been followed for maximum efficiency of operation.

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