Hot Water Heater Installation

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With tankless hot water heaters, installation is easier than traditional water tanks, but there are still precautions and important things to consider. A Hyde-Whipp professional can advise the owner on all the information that is required, including insuring proper installation, which can have a variety of factors to consider, particularly when the unit is powered by gas, such as:

  • Fuel type
  • Adequate gas line
  • Best location for installation
  • Local city installation codes
  • Special licenses and permits
  • Climate factors
  • Safety issues

With indoor hot water heaters, installation can introduce the most complications due to the fact that they must have adequate ventilation. Indoor units must be able to vent the excess warm air that is produced. Some units can only vent vertically, some horizontally and others can vent either way.

It's important to determine which tankless unit is ideal for your needs before purchasing.

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