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Central Vacuum Systems

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Central vacuum systems from Hyde-Whipp will provide numerous benefits for an office or home. Reduced noise, flexibility and powerful cleaning technology combine for an improved vacuuming experience. Central vacuums are also ideal for families with allergies and for families looking to add value to their homes.

Central vacuum systems collect dirt and debris from a home or office and send it to a central receptacle in either a basement, utility room or garage. Users carry lightweight tubing and a brush unit around the house. Instead of trying to stretch a power cord that comes with a portable vacuum cleaner, customers can install multiple inlets at convenient locations around their home. Some central vacuums also come with automatic dustpans that allow customers to sweep debris into a wall vent using a broom.

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With a central vacuum system, dirt remains invisible until customers empty the receptacle. Central vacuum systems are either cyclonic or filtered. Cyclonic systems use centrifugal force to remove dirt and debris from the air circulated through the system and then deposit the material into a canister or bag. Filtered systems utilize paper, foam, cloth or screens to separate dirt and debris. Filters will always require periodic cleaning and replacement. Customers can also choose between bag and canister systems for removal. Canisters may be dumped out into a garbage can, while bags may be tossed and replaced.

Customers should also consider the power unit and the power brush unit. Homes less than 5,000 square feet usually need a unit of 20 amps or less. When deciding on a power brush, customers can choose an electrical or air-driven unit. Air-driven units are cheaper to install because they don't require wiring to be installed within the wall inlets.

Central Vacuum System Installation

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Let Hyde-Whipp help you choose the optimal location for the central receptacle, preferably in an area that is dry and in a place where residents of the home will not be disturbed by the electric motor. Then, customers can choose the location of their inlet valves. Many manufacturers recommend installing one inlet for every 600 square feet of the home, and houses with multiple stories will need at least one inlet per story. Near doors, at the bottoms of staircases and hallways all make ideal locations for inlet valve installation.

Hyde-Whipp will provide the best advice regarding inlet placement so that the Central Vacuum System can be operated around all obstacles.

Central Vac installation also involves planning the tubing and wiring systems. Trunk lines connect the furthest inlet valve to the central unit, while branch lines connect all other valves. The trunk line is best run between the joists of an unfinished basement ceiling. Upper levels may be reached through closets, cold air return ducts or partition walls. Central Vacuum installation will then involve cutting, dry fitting, cementing and gluing PVC pipe. The wiring system must be run along the tubing during the installation. Low voltage wire is usually spliced together at the junction of a branch and trunk line.

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Central VAC Repair & Maintenance

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One of the best aspects of Central Vac maintenance is how little maintenance is required. Homeowners will have to be diligent about emptying canisters and replacing bags. Also, customers will have to make sure that filters are cleaned and changed periodically. Cleaner air is one of the benefits of Central Vac maintenance; cleaner filters mean better air quality.

The most common issues with Central Vac repair involve power and suction. Sometimes after an installation, the unit either fails to turn on or runs constantly, requiring isolation of low voltage leads or other electrical adjustment.

Problems with suction typically involve problems with air leaks, which will require testing of the tubing system to isolate the problem. Homeowners may periodically have to remove clogs in the tubing or in the power brush unit. Electrical work, including replacing switches and transformers, is best left to a Hyde-Whipp repair professional.

Investing in a Central Vacuum will not only add value to a home but also add quality to the years of life spent in the home. Homeowners will no longer have to lug portable vacuum cleaners around the house or change belts and hoses periodically. All noise will be concentrated around the central receptacle, meaning that noise around the power brush unit will be minimal. Families that have allergies will enjoy cleaner air quality, and all families will enjoy the flexibility and power they will get from central vacuum technology.

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