Central Air Conditioner Installation

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In order to install the proper equipment, a system first must be sized correctly – You can count on Hyde-Whipp to give a quote on an adequately sized unit for your home. Air conditioner installation is not successfully approached as a hobby or side project. It is a serious investment and can heavily influence the comfort level of the interior of a home or building.

The start of any central air conditioner installation process begins with determining how much space is available in a house to install the system. Here are some of the things that Hyde-Whipp will plan for:

  • Where to place ducts.
  • Place the air handler near a condensation drain that runs away from the foundation of a house.
  • Install a compressor.
  • Ensure the electrical requirements for the installation do not drain the capacity of the house.
  • Install a thermostat.

Costs for this central air conditioner installation will always depend on the square footage of a house and the type of until that is installed. The process could take about as much as two to three days to complete properly. Every installation has a number of factors that influence the time frame.

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