Ductless Air Conditioning

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During the summer, temperatures rise and so do costs of residential and commercial cooling systems. Obviously, one of the easiest ways to maintain a cool level indoors during warmer climates is to use an air conditioner (AC). Historically, North Americans typically have their ACs running at full blast around the spring and summer seasons, but since energy rates are on the rise, as well as economic concerns and shrinking budgets, this is making many people more frugal than ever. Central air conditioning is typically done with either single window units or outdoor units that are attached to a series of ductwork inlets.

Ductless air conditioning systems (sometimes called "split-air conditioning") have adapted to modern living, utilized current technology and have made the job of cooling indoors much easier, convenient and efficient. Ductless air conditioners allow the cooling systems to extend cool air to other parts of the residence in a very efficient and affordable way, even when the residence is not equipped with a central duct system. These systems are becoming the top choice for people who are replacing their old expensive, bulky, often unsafe and noisy window air conditioning units.

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Ductless air conditioners are also a very good choice for those building additions to their existing residence or individuals living in apartment complexes, where installing ductwork is not feasible or affordable. A ductless air conditioner can be installed very quickly without having to open up walls to retrofit extra ductwork distribution or compromise structure integrity. Ductless AC systems are also a lot more attractive, sophisticated looking and affordable, as well as many other benefits attached, such as:

  • Less complicated ductless AC installation.
  • More affordable than traditional systems.
  • Quiet operation/noise pollution reduction.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Secure and safe -- only a two to three inch-sized hole is drilled for the conduit from the outside, as opposed to window units, which makes the residence vulnerable to intrusion.
  • Potential governmental rebate
  • Individual cool air distribution.
  • Less bulk and unsightliness.