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Hyde-Whipp, Ontario's premiere Heating and Air Conditioning company, offers an array of HVAC services, including geothermal system installation. Hyde-Whipp also provides geothermal repair, as well as geothermal maintenance on existing systems. Geothermal heating systems, as well as cooling components require a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the system always operates in the most efficient way.

Geothermal heat pumps, also known as ground source heat pumps (GSHP), actually utilize the ground as a heat source in cold weather, and a heat sink in warm weather. These centralized heating and cooling systems take full advantage of the constant temperatures below ground to maximize efficiency of the units and the costs for cooling and heating a building or home. Often combined with solar heating for even greater efficiency and sustainable use, GSHP popularity is increasing rapidly. In fact, estimates tell us there are now over a million worldwide, with a 10% annual growth rate.

Other names for these systems are earth energy systems, earth-coupled, and geoexchange. Depending upon the location, the Earth has a constant temperature between 50 and 60 degrees just 20 feet below the surface, which heats and cools by transferring that energy. Much like other pumps, a vapor-compression loop transfers the heat from the ground.

More efficient than air-source pumps because the exchange is within the ground at constant temperatures, they pump the warmth from the ground in winter and transfer it back into that same ground for summer cooling. Though more expensive to setup, these GSHP systems typically pay for themselves in just a few years. These systems have a life expectancy of 25 years for internal parts, and at least 50 years for those in the ground.

Low operational costs for GSHP vary based on electricity costs, but homeowners typically see savings in the 20% to 60% range. Additionally, Hyde-Whipp offers incentives & rebates for adding one of these systems.

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What is a Geothermal System?

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are systems that utilize energy that is naturally generated from the earth. Ground source geothermal heating and cooling systems operate by extracting energy from the earth, usually via a medium such as treated water flowing through narrow pipes, to heat or cool an indoor space. The water is generally treated with a small amount of glycol or ethanol.

About 10 feet below the earth’s surface, the ground maintains a constant temperature of approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water in narrow pipes travels through the ground, the water is heated or cooled to the ground’s temperature. The water then travels into the geothermal heating or cooling unit, and then the system transfers the heated or cooled air into the indoor space. The ambient temperature of the indoor space is adjusted according to the temperature of the air, heated or cooled by the geothermal system.

Geothermal Systems are Green

Geothermal systems are a greener alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems that use natural gas or electricity as energy sources. Geothermal heating systems use the ground’s temperature to heat the ambient temperature of an indoor space by reusing the warm energy created beneath the earth's surface.

Conversely, because the earth below the surface maintains a constant temperature, geothermal cooling systems work in the same way to cool the temperature of indoor spaces. Reusing the earth’s energy lowers energy costs of heating the indoor space with a geothermal heating system, or cooling the space with a geothermal cooling system. Reuse of the earth’s resources is one way to go green, but in addition, these systems lessen a homeowner’s carbon emitting energy usage, which is also a greener way to go.

Geothermal System Installation, Maintenance and Repair

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Hyde-Whipp performs quality geothermal installation, as well as geothermal maintenance for all systems, whether or not the systems were installed by our company. Hyde-Whipp also supplies our customers with high quality geothermal repair services.

Geothermal maintenance involves maintaining the pipes, and the machinery, as well as the water solution, for the system. Geothermal repair may involve repairs to the unit or the pipes, above ground or beneath the ground’s service.

Hyde-Whipp also specializes in geothermal repair, should a problem ever arise with an installed system. To make sure your system runs at peak performance, Hyde-Whipp also provides a wide range of geothermal maintenance services to ensure the most safe, green and efficient system.

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