Natural Gas & Propane Fireplaces

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Propane fireplaces offer the same type of safety and convenience over the traditional wood fireplace, that all other gas fireplaces do. But if you do not want to use natural gas to run your fireplace, then a propane fireplace is one of your best alternatives. Propane burns cleaner and is more friendly to the environment than wood, and can be designed to turn off and on easily by switch or remote control. Many people simply do not have access to natural gas, and therefore opt to purchase a propane fireplace that has a sealed combustion chamber, which reduces the amount of heat that escapes when in operation.

Natural gas fireplaces, on the other hand can take advantage of houses that do have natural gas; and since the price of propane is on the rise, they have a distinct economic advantage over the aforementioned version of the fireplace. Natural gas fireplaces can come with a venting system if you have a chimney, and they can come without a venting system if either you don't have a chimney or you simply don't want to use it. Fireplace inserts are also available that are custom made to fit directly into your existing fireplace if you have one, and transform your inefficient, messy wood fireplace into a clean burning natural gas fireplace.

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