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Heat Pumps & Systems

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Heat pumps are devices that can move energy from one location to another. The source is typically at a lower temperature, such as the ground or a pond, and the thermal energy is moved to the heat sink, which is at a higher temperature. Some freezers and air conditioners are heat pump systems, but the term itself usually means one of the systems that's used for more than just cooling. The same type of refrigeration loop is used for heating with a pump merely by shifting the warm end of the device to the indoor space where heating is needed.

Types of Systems:

  • Ground Source
  • Air Source
  • Lake Water Source
  • Pond Source
  • Open Loop
  • Closed Loop

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Some of the energy transformed during operation of a heat pump reappears as energy in the heat sink. These pumps move thermal energy in opposing directions from the temperature, and can be used to maintain either a heated or a cooled space. They use some thermal energy retrieved from the environment for some of the delivered energy; in cooler areas, heat pumps typically provide only heating.

In milder climates, reversible-cycle heat pumps are designed that work in both thermal directions. These devices have a simple operation that has a way to change which coil is the evaporator and which is a condenser with a reversing valve. The refrigerant inside the closed loop absorbs heat because it is vaporized, and then releases the heat when it is condensed. Typically, heat pumps used for heating draw heat from either the air or the ground, and are often used to provide heating in high latitude climates because they can bring thermal energy in to a space, or take it out.

Ductless Heat Pumps

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Ductless heat pumps have adapted to modern living, utilize current technology and have made the job of heating indoors much easier, convenient and efficient. Ductless heat pumps allow the heating systems to extend warm air to other parts of the residence in a very efficient and affordable way.

Ductless heat pumps are also a very good choice for those building additions to their existing residence or individuals living in apartment complexes, where installing ductwork is not feasible or affordable. A ductless heat pump can be installed very quickly without having to open up walls to retrofit extra ductwork distribution or compromise structure integrity. Ductless heat pump systems are also a lot more attractive, sophisticated looking and affordable, as well as many other benefits.

Heat Pump Installation

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One of the most important installation considerations is which heat pump to install for proper efficiency. Made more difficult by the number of different types, the decision should be made with the help of a qualified Hyde-Whipp professional.

For the professional, heat pump installation is relatively simple. However, being a complex device, professional installation is highly recommended. There are considerations for ductwork, water hookups, electrical work and other modifications.

Geothermal heat pump installation, in particular, are not projects to jump into lightly. A qualified contractor will need to handle many of the adaptations, and many communities will not allow geothermal heat pump installation by non-certified installers.

Thermal fusion of pipes, trenching and drilling is involved in installation of these systems, in addition to the typical electrical and other adaptations. Best performance of a GSHP installation is in the hands of a licensed professional experienced with these installations such as Hyde-Whipp.

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Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

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Like any mechanical system, routine heat pump maintenance prevents bigger heat pump repair problems, so setting up a maintenance schedule is critical. For systems that both heat and cool, a spring and a fall checkup are prudent. For heating systems, fall maintenance is required; cooling systems need spring checkups.

A qualified Hyde-Whipp service technician will thoroughly inspect the unit; checking refrigerant levels and adjusting if necessary, cleaning the entire system, and inspecting all of the parts for any damage or wear. These components can include control boxes, wiring, connection, relays, circuit boards, capacitors, compressors and tubing. They will also turn the system on and ensure that there are no abnormal sounds or odors, and that the systems are operating within normal ranges prescribed by the manufacturers.

Hyde-Whipp will perform maintenance and give the homeowner a detailed report of recommended heat pump repair or replacement parts needed, and explain portions that are overly technical for the average person to understand.

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