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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating Systems

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Radiant floor heating is an energy efficient heating system that relies on the flow of heat that rises from the floor. The two primary kinds of radiant floor heating systems are hydronic and electric.

The Hydronic System
The hydronic system is the favorite for most people. It is also the most efficient of the radiant heating systems. Warm water travels from a boiler through tubes buried under the floor. Hydronic systems can use several types of energy sources, including gas or oil fueled boilers, and solar water heaters.

The Electric System
The Electric radiant heating systems usually consist of electric cables built into the floor. Some systems have electrically conductive mats that fasten to tiles under the floor.

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Benefits of radiant floor heating systems:

  • Radiant floor heating is very quiet; no fans or blowers.
  • Comfortable and dust-free.
  • Multiple heating points make it easy to convey heat to various rooms
  • More efficient than other forms of heating
  • Low maintenance; decreases energy bills
  • Advantageous to people with allergies; no dust

The staff at HydeWhipp Heating and Air Conditioning has over a quarter century of experience and has worked in all sorts of residential and commercial venues, including homes, warehouses, garden centers, factories, workshops, offices, studios, business parks, cash & carry outlets, retail outlets, hangars, garages, showrooms, supermarkets, storage buildings, and churches. Whatever your needs, Hyde-Whipp's trained staff will find the ultimate solution for you. Hyde-Whipp will always specify the most energy efficient solution for your radiant heating system.

Radiant Floor Heating Installation

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It is important to hire a professional to do a radiant heat installation. Radiant floor heating installation can be tricky. Many things can go wrong, and even a small mistake may end up costing you. Leaks and freezing are also potential problems. A small leak in the pipes will release the warmth. After awhile, this can make a difference and you will see larger energy bills and experience less heat. Safety tests are necessary to make sure that the water is flushed from the system with no leaks.

A radiant heat system must be installed correctly to be effective. Overall, it's best to choose a professional HVAC company such as Hyde-Whipp. We are professionals and we'll install and test the system and get it working correctly.

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Radiant Heat Maintenance

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A radiant floor heating system generally doesn't give too much trouble and the maintenance requirements are usually simple. For example, the filter on a gas-fueled heating system should be changed every month or two during heating season, and the fan should be lubricated annually.

Most maintenance tasks involve the pumps and boilers. Generally, these pumps have a life span of about ten years, but occasionally, you might get an air lock in the water pipe or something may just wear out.

The best way to maintain a radiant heating system is to schedule regular radiant heat maintenance and check-ups, as well as an annual inspection. Call a Hyde-Whipp professional to conduct the inspection and perform tests to detect leaks.

  • We check the flue and test the heat exchange function.
  • Oil-fired boilers require yearly maintenance
  • We perform flew cleaning, fuel-filter change and cleaning of the jets

Regular radiant heat maintenance can ensure better results and less expenditure. A Hyde-Whipp expert will get your system operating at maximum efficiency to deliver comfort and energy savings.

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