Radiant Floor Heating Systems

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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is an energy efficient heating system that relies on the flow of heat that rises from the floor. The two primary kinds of radiant floor heating systems are hydronic and electric.

The Hydronic System
The hydronic system is the favorite for most people. It is also the most efficient of the radiant heating systems. Warm water travels from a boiler through tubes buried under the floor. Hydronic systems can use several types of energy sources, including gas or oil fueled boilers, and solar water heaters.

The Electric System
The Electric radiant heating systems usually consist of electric cables built into the floor. Some systems have electrically conductive mats that fasten to tiles under the floor.

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Benefits of radiant floor heating systems:

  • Radiant floor heating is very quiet; no fans or blowers.
  • Comfortable and dust-free.
  • Multiple heating points make it easy to convey heat to various rooms
  • More efficient than other forms of heating
  • Low maintenance; decreases energy bills
  • Advantageous to people with allergies; no dust

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