Radiant Floor Heating Installation

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A radiant floor heating system can be installed using either the "wet" or the "dry" method of installation. In "dry" installations, the heating elements occupy their own layer between a permanent subfloor and a finished layer above. "Wet" electric or hydronic installations that do use standard electric power are the most cost-effective.

Hydronic Installation The flexible tubes can be installed on top of the subfloor in grooved panels, attached to aluminum strips under the flooring, or entombed in concrete.

Electric Installation Another kind of radiant heat installation runs on electricity. Electric radiant floors have electric cables built into the flooring.

Why You Need a Professional to do Installations

It is important to hire a professional to do a radiant heat installation. Radiant floor heating installation can be tricky. Many things can go wrong, and even a small mistake may end up costing you. Leaks and freezing are also potential problems. A small leak in the pipes will release the warmth. After awhile, this can make a difference and you will see larger energy bills and experience less heat. Safety tests are necessary to make sure that the water is flushed from the system with no leaks.

A radiant heat system must be installed correctly to be effective. Overall, it's best to choose a professional HVAC company such as Hyde-Whipp. We are professionals and we'll install and test the system and get it working correctly.

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