Radiant Heat Maintenance

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A radiant floor heating system generally doesn't give too much trouble and the maintenance requirements are usually simple. For example, the filter on a gas-fueled heating system should be changed every month or two during heating season, and the fan should be lubricated annually.

Most maintenance tasks involve the pumps and boilers. Generally, these pumps have a life span of about ten years, but occasionally, you might get an air lock in the water pipe or something may just wear out.

The best way to maintain a radiant heating system is to schedule regular radiant heat maintenance and check-ups, as well as an annual inspection. Call a Hyde-Whipp professional to conduct the inspection and perform tests to detect leaks.

  • We check the flue and test the heat exchange function.
  • Oil-fired boilers require yearly maintenance
  • We perform flew cleaning, fuel-filter change and cleaning of the jets

Regular radiant heat maintenance can ensure better results and less expenditure. A Hyde-Whipp expert will get your system operating at maximum efficiency to deliver comfort and energy savings.

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