Central Vacuum Systems

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Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems from Hyde-Whipp will provide numerous benefits for an office or home. Reduced noise, flexibility and powerful cleaning technology combine for an improved vacuuming experience. Central vacuums are also ideal for families with allergies and for families looking to add value to their homes.

Central vacuum systems collect dirt and debris from a home or office and send it to a central receptacle in either a basement, utility room or garage. Users carry lightweight tubing and a brush unit around the house. Instead of trying to stretch a power cord that comes with a portable vacuum cleaner, customers can install multiple inlets at convenient locations around their home. Some central vacuums also come with automatic dustpans that allow customers to sweep debris into a wall vent using a broom.

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With a central vacuum system, dirt remains invisible until customers empty the receptacle. Central vacuum systems are either cyclonic or filtered. Cyclonic systems use centrifugal force to remove dirt and debris from the air circulated through the system and then deposit the material into a canister or bag. Filtered systems utilize paper, foam, cloth or screens to separate dirt and debris. Filters will always require periodic cleaning and replacement. Customers can also choose between bag and canister systems for removal. Canisters may be dumped out into a garbage can, while bags may be tossed and replaced.

Customers should also consider the power unit and the power brush unit. Homes less than 5,000 square feet usually need a unit of 20 amps or less. When deciding on a power brush, customers can choose an electrical or air-driven unit. Air-driven units are cheaper to install because they don't require wiring to be installed within the wall inlets.