Protection Plans

There are few things as important as your heating and cooling system in your home. Heating and cooling systems have the worst timing for breaking down on the most frigid day of winter or in the sizzling summer during a heat wave. At the time when you need it the most Hyde-Whipp Heating and A/C has a maintenance plan that will give you peace of mind at an affordable price that will suit your needs. A protection plan will ensure that your heating/cooling equipment is working at its peak efficiencies while also extending the life of your equipment saving you money and keeping your home comfortable and safe. While ensuring that you will be covered for those unexpected costly break downs.

Silver Protection Plan

Silver Protection Plan

Gold Protection Plan

Gold Protection Plan

Gold Protection Plan

Platinum Protection Plan

15% discount on repairs

25% discount on repairs

All Inclusive Coverage*

$9.95 / month

$14.95 / month

$19.95 / month

Add A/C $19.95 / month

Add A/C $29.95 / month

Add A/C $39.95 / month

Protection Plans Include:

  • Tune up/Cleaning
  • Priority service 24/7
  • Detailed inspection report
  • Consultation
  • Carbon Monoxide test
  • (Does not cover compressors, heat exchangers, tubing, and coils, refrigerant) *

24 hr Emergency
Heating Service

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"Dear Darryl, Upon receiving the news that our furnace would be shutdown due to a cracked heat exchange unit, I promptly called you for a second opinion. Within a matter of hours, I had a qualified, well-informed technician at our door ready to provide a clear diagnosis of the problem. Not only was I impressed with the array of diagnostic equipment used to determine the furnace problem, I was pleased to learn that the repair would not involve spending the hundreds of dollars quoted by others. We learned a valuable lesson that day: it pays to get an informed second opinion from a reputable company and one must continue to support local business. Thanks for your friendly, informative and fast service. Our entire family was overjoyed to learn that we would have heat for the New Year's Eve weekend and beyond!"

- Martin & Lisa

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